I dreamed of being a game dev as a kid. I never knew you could this for a living. Larry and Brandon speak from personal experience and ask great questions during interviews with amazing guests giving me deep insights into the field. I’ve worked at random software companies and now by luck and after listening for 2 years, I’ve ended up at a game company recently as a engineer. I have this awesome podcast to thank for shining a light on what this industry is like!
— TheTickler92

As an aspiring game developer, I’ve scoured the web for podcasts that have content relevant to my interests; In this case, game development. This podcast is easily my favorite. The hosts and guests both have great attitudes and personalities. I feel like I’m getting an honest and informed outlook on the industry and the road leading to and from it. From great success stories to the soul crushing reality of the harshness that game development can bring, this podcast is a must for people looking to try to take a crack at game development.
— Doombrowski

A really helpful insight into both the AAA and indie game industries. Good stories, advice, and awesome guests. Quite entertaining at times too. I’ve learned a lot and had fun listening. Cheers
— James Thornton