Become a Successful Game Developer






What's going on in the industry?

Our podcast breaks the mold of don't ask don't tell about the video game industry. We give everyone the real inside look at what its like to be a professional game developer, Every week we'll interview pro and indie developers, we'll talk jobs, studios, salaries and of course crunch horror stories. Tune in!


Surviving the Game Industry


What is it like working in AAA Studios?

We talk to developers working on blockbuster franchises on what it is really like working on the biggest games. Politics, gender inequality, crunches, burnout, and diversity issues all sound like an episode of Game of Thrones. But no, this is our reality. 


becoming Indie


Dreaming of going Indie?

Every game developer's wet dream is to become a indie developer and work for themselves. However, before making the leap give a listen to the developers that have done it all and lived to tell that tale. We tackle successes, failures, depression, and how commitment and persistence can overcome all that. 


STudent advice


Road to Student Success?

So you are a current student and about to graduate. Or worse, you just graduated and are buried with debt. In addition, you have been thrown into one of the most competitive industry in the world. We try to lighten the blow with advice from Veterans and recent graduates on how to best prepare yourself.


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