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Indie Game Business with Jay Powell - Episode 197

The hardest thing to do in the game industry as an indie to date HAS to be, telling enough people who would like a game like your’s, that you’ve made it and they should try it. Getting your game noticed without having big bucks at your disposal like major publishers do is near worthy of a presidential award. So in our hopes of making that task even one step easier, we took an hour to talk with Jay Powell who came bearing gifts…

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Macro and Micro Narrative Storytelling with Chella Ramanan - Episode 196

We love telling stories here on Game Dev Unchained, so much so we do it each week rain or shine with a new guest but this week was special. We got the opportunity to interview Chella Ramanan about character and story for games both on the micro level and macro level and just general ways that the literary arts is helping deliver the goods in the game industry and also touched on diversity issues in development as well. Chella had just a brief time off before her new gig at Ubisoft starts so we were ecstatic to get the chance to work with her for this week’s podcast. Here are some of the notable excerpts from the episode.

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Understanding Loot Boxes with Zac Rich - Episode 195

Loot box scandals and microtransaction news articles are plastered all over the social timelines of gamers and politicians alike now as the government has had to step in and start actually regulating video game content. This is a very interesting time to be alive, and witness the shifts in game monetization starting to occur. As developers we understand that loot boxes can be profitable, but as consumers we also understand that predatory designs and unethical loot box odds in the wrong hands, have now officially become a menace to society so to speak. Here with us to help break down how things got so bad, offer advice on how to better navigate getting return on investment through loot boxes and other things you might need to know as a game developer or studio working with loot boxes in the near future, we have Zac Rich joining us again from Press Start Legal.

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Exposing the Game Industry for 3 Days Straight- Episode 186.5

The Game Dev Unchained Expo is born out of necessity. We are building a conference offering insight from some of the biggest and most impactful minds in game development today, and streaming their stories with the world for free. In this age, where an encyclopedia’s worth of information can exchange in a second, where hobbyist and professionals have access to the exact same tools, where game developers literally live on every single continent, and yet all of our biggest networking and educational events are fundamentally exclusive and mostly designed to make a profit, instead of a difference….

We simply believe, for the good of our industry, this has to change.

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My Time at Telltale Games (Guest Post)

   I worked QA at Telltale games [from September 2014 to April of 2015] during Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft. I was a regular QA tester [but later became a Lead for the mobile ports], and it was my first job in the industry. I had heard a bit about the working conditions in the games industry but was young and eager to make my start in the industry, particularly a former senior level employee I had met at PAX gave me the singular best bit of advice I received in regards to TTG: "At some point they're going to fuck you. Get what you want out of the job and then get out". I didn't particularly want to believe it at the time as I had just scheduled my interview, but the words would encourage me to take leave of the company after some abuses and mismanagement. 

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Glassdoor Confessions on Telltale Games Part II- Episode 162

A month after the big news hit, of Telltale games shutting down completely and laying off the staff, we bring you a further look into the real story of what happened there as told by two of Telltale’s former employees. This week we had the honor and opportunity to sit with Emily Grace Buck and Travis Goodwin, and also joining them to round out our discussion was Ema from Game Workers Unite, who helped identify what unionization in games could do to help in situations like these or worse. Emily, started working at Telltale in 2015 and remained there until September 21st, 2018. She was the Design Lead for 4 episodes at Telltale. Travis, worked there in 2014 through spring of 2015 and notably worked on 3 episodes as a QA Lead. They gave us their honest insite and recount of how the cards fell and why…

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