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Creature in the Well with Bohdon Sayre- Episode 205

Bohdon Sayre (or Bo) is the programmer for Creature in the Well, a game that has recently been released and has been coined by fans as a pinball hack and slash adventure game. In this interview Bo shares the team's success of having a smooth development cycle that was planned and released after one and a half years of work. We also cover how Flight Studio teamed up with a great marketing firm ( that removed many of the variables for a major first indie game release.

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Indie Game Business with Jay Powell - Episode 197

The hardest thing to do in the game industry as an indie to date HAS to be, telling enough people who would like a game like your’s, that you’ve made it and they should try it. Getting your game noticed without having big bucks at your disposal like major publishers do is near worthy of a presidential award. So in our hopes of making that task even one step easier, we took an hour to talk with Jay Powell who came bearing gifts…

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Macro and Micro Narrative Storytelling with Chella Ramanan - Episode 196

We love telling stories here on Game Dev Unchained, so much so we do it each week rain or shine with a new guest but this week was special. We got the opportunity to interview Chella Ramanan about character and story for games both on the micro level and macro level and just general ways that the literary arts is helping deliver the goods in the game industry and also touched on diversity issues in development as well. Chella had just a brief time off before her new gig at Ubisoft starts so we were ecstatic to get the chance to work with her for this week’s podcast. Here are some of the notable excerpts from the episode.

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