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My Time at Telltale Games (Guest Post)

   I worked QA at Telltale games [from September 2014 to April of 2015] during Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft. I was a regular QA tester [but later became a Lead for the mobile ports], and it was my first job in the industry. I had heard a bit about the working conditions in the games industry but was young and eager to make my start in the industry, particularly a former senior level employee I had met at PAX gave me the singular best bit of advice I received in regards to TTG: "At some point they're going to fuck you. Get what you want out of the job and then get out". I didn't particularly want to believe it at the time as I had just scheduled my interview, but the words would encourage me to take leave of the company after some abuses and mismanagement. 

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Glassdoor Confessions on Telltale Games Part II- Episode 162

A month after the big news hit, of Telltale games shutting down completely and laying off the staff, we bring you a further look into the real story of what happened there as told by two of Telltale’s former employees. This week we had the honor and opportunity to sit with Emily Grace Buck and Travis Goodwin, and also joining them to round out our discussion was Ema from Game Workers Unite, who helped identify what unionization in games could do to help in situations like these or worse. Emily, started working at Telltale in 2015 and remained there until September 21st, 2018. She was the Design Lead for 4 episodes at Telltale. Travis, worked there in 2014 through spring of 2015 and notably worked on 3 episodes as a QA Lead. They gave us their honest insite and recount of how the cards fell and why…

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