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Exploring VR with Jonathon Hawkins- Episode 166

Jonathan Hawkins, one of the founders of White Elk (a VR studio in LA) formerly of God of War fame takes some time to walk us through starting his own independent VR game studio. We talk about what he’s learned, worked on and helped produce as in VR today and also his opinions on the VR landscape as a whole. To kick things right off, we started immediately asking about his transition out of the AAA game space, and specifically how and why he decided to go indie when he did…

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Having a Vision with thatgamecompany Eric Koch- Episode 165

When the folks over at thatgamecompany start moving on a new project hoping to follow up the success of their previous games Journey and Flower, there was only one person they trusted to help head up development, Eric Koch. Eric’s career started out in QA testing, but later transitioned into design and then production as well before joining up at the good folks at TGC. We we honored to spend a good part of two hours talking with him about the magic of games and what exactly they do to create works of interactive art that leave an impression on their audience time after time.

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