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Make Games, Better with featuring Austin Anderson and Jonathan Tzou - Episode 194

We still believe that Game Developers make some of the best problem solvers in the game industry when given a chance to take a crack at the business side of what we do. Our example proof this week are the guys behind a new and noteworthy platform that helps bring developers and game content creators together painlessly while also helping project manage and release games easier than ever. We’ve met with Austin Anderson and Justin Tzou before and were blown away by their ideas. This podcast is one of the first byproducts of our meeting, surely the first of many. Here’re the guys and why they believe in

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Exposing the Game Industry for 3 Days Straight- Episode 186.5

The Game Dev Unchained Expo is born out of necessity. We are building a conference offering insight from some of the biggest and most impactful minds in game development today, and streaming their stories with the world for free. In this age, where an encyclopedia’s worth of information can exchange in a second, where hobbyist and professionals have access to the exact same tools, where game developers literally live on every single continent, and yet all of our biggest networking and educational events are fundamentally exclusive and mostly designed to make a profit, instead of a difference….

We simply believe, for the good of our industry, this has to change.

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Pitching Your Game with Rebekah Saltsman- Episode 177

GDC 2019 is in a month and it's a time for many indie developers to network and pitch their games to investors. Rebekah Saltsman owns 51% of Finji, which makes and publishes indie games. She has a decade of experience listening to and making pitches and is gracious enough to share her insight with us. She helps us answers all the common questions an indie developer may have and all the do's and don'ts when meeting with prospective investors.

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Pre Millionaire Dollar Side Hustle with Su Su and Peter Yoo- Episode 169

Su and Peter both have full time jobs and have had illustrious careers spanning across gaming, film, and tech companies. Their partnership started over four years ago and currently their company, Ugo3D, has a potential valuation of $200 million dollars. They have also met with the biggest investors in Silicon Valley and have even walked away from life-changing deals. Now fresh from their release of GameFace, an app that turns any player into a playable avatar on every smartphone available, they are on the cusp of hitting it big.

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Exploring VR with Jonathon Hawkins- Episode 166

Jonathan Hawkins, one of the founders of White Elk (a VR studio in LA) formerly of God of War fame takes some time to walk us through starting his own independent VR game studio. We talk about what he’s learned, worked on and helped produce as in VR today and also his opinions on the VR landscape as a whole. To kick things right off, we started immediately asking about his transition out of the AAA game space, and specifically how and why he decided to go indie when he did…

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