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Understanding Loot Boxes with Zac Rich - Episode 195

Loot box scandals and microtransaction news articles are plastered all over the social timelines of gamers and politicians alike now as the government has had to step in and start actually regulating video game content. This is a very interesting time to be alive, and witness the shifts in game monetization starting to occur. As developers we understand that loot boxes can be profitable, but as consumers we also understand that predatory designs and unethical loot box odds in the wrong hands, have now officially become a menace to society so to speak. Here with us to help break down how things got so bad, offer advice on how to better navigate getting return on investment through loot boxes and other things you might need to know as a game developer or studio working with loot boxes in the near future, we have Zac Rich joining us again from Press Start Legal.

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